Our hand hewn-reclaimed and selected beams add style and a story to your fireplace.

In the past, these large supports were hand carved from massive tree trunks in order to support the frame of a farmhouse or barn. Aged by the test of time and weather, our hand-hewn beams are hand-selected for their quality, rigidity, and functionality. Our hand-hewn beams can be seen in our showroom – each with varying sizes and shapes – as they were handcrafted over 150 years ago. Authentic Antique Lumber offers beams of oak, maple, chestnut, pine, and hemlock, and colors ranging from natural brown to a gorgeous sun-weathered silver. We also offer various sizes ranging from 4×4″ and 4′ long, up to 12×14″ and 30′ long. Beams are available hand-hewn with visible cut marks or saw cut with semi-circle saw patterns.

Are you ready to add history to your fireplace with a reclaimed hand-hewn mantel?
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